Reduce Chargebacks With Secure Payment & Authorization Solutions

Simplify credit card payments & authorizations with Canary’s PCI level 1 compliant solutions. Less paperwork, fewer chargebacks & 100% mobile-friendly for your team and guests.

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Voted Best Cyber Security & Fraud Prevention Solution

Finance Teams Prefer Canary

Canary’s award-winning payment and authorizations solutions are trusted by 1000’s of hotel finance teams worldwide. Corporate Finance teams at global hospitality players such as Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Best Western, Choice Hotels, Four Seasons, and Rosewood all trust Canary to simplify their digital authorizations process and help them reduce chargebacks.

Sue Russ DePascale, PineApple CIO

Pinnacle saw an 85% decrease in credit card chargebacks, which is huge for our hotels that utilized Canary.

– Sue Russ DePascale // Vice President of Finance


Easily Collect Payments, Prevent Fraud &
Win Chargebacks

win chargeback cases

Win More Chargeback Cases

Chargeback cases can be quite expensive for hotels, especially given the time and resources it takes to fight them. Canary provides you with everything you need to have the best chance possible of winning chargebacks.

reduce fraud in hotel payments

Reduce Fraud

Canary’s PCI compliant platform incorporates a proprietary fraud detection algorithm that helps protect your property. This system examines hundreds of signals to predict whether a payment is likely to be fraudulent. Canary then automatically declines higher risk cards.

PCI Compliant SaaS for hotels

Secure & Simple Platform

Our intuitive platform enables hotel finance teams to quickly create and send secure authorizations forms and contracts. It’s easy for staff, and even easier for guests and clients who love Canary’s simple, mobile-friendly forms.

remove paper from hotel payments

No More Paper or PDFs

Canary’s digital platform removes obsolete and insecure paper forms from the credit card payment and authorizations process. This makes life easier for your finance team and reduces the amount of waste at your hotel.

easy to set up hotel software

Easy To Set up & Even
Easier To Use

Canary’s software solutions are designed for immediate deployment at your property. Our team is dedicated to your success and provides free training sessions to ensure the best experience possible. Guests, corporate clients and staff all love Canary’s user-friendly technology tools.

all in one hotel guest management

Comprehensive Platform That Simplifies Your Operations

Say goodbye to jumping between systems and hello to one unique login! Canary consolidates 10 different guest-facing software systems into one comprehensive platform. We also maintain deep integrations with all major property management systems, including OPERA, Mews, protel and more.

The Top Products & Features
For Hotel Finance Teams

Digital Authorizations

Digital Authorizations

To improve payment processes, Canary offers a PCI compliant Digital Authorization solution that replaces outdated paper and PDF credit card authorization forms. This feature makes it easier for potential clients to send payment information, resulting in increased sales and revenue for your hotel. Improve your sales win rate and provide a more seamless experience for your guests.

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Advanced Fraud

Canary’s Digital Authorizations solution includes Canary’s proprietary fraud algorithm, which helps reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 90%. Because of this, HotelTechReport has ranked Canary the #1 Fraud Prevention software for 3-straight years.

Advanced Fraud
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Digital Contracts

Digital Contracts

Sign more business with Canary’s Digital Contracts. Your sales team can send new contracts to clients and guests in just 2 clicks. Clients can then easily sign digitally and send documents back — which is all organized and tracked in Canary’s platform. Save time. Improve the guest experience. And make more sales with Digital Contracts.

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Payment Processing (Optional)

Once Canary collects payment from the guest and it’s time to process the payment, you can either use your existing payment processor or Canary can process the payments for you. Like everything Canary does, we’ve built the platform to be customized to your specific needs and use cases. Canary integrates with all major payment providers and can also securely tokenize payment information to push it back into your PMS if desired.

Payment Processing
No New Apps Required icon

No New Apps Required

Canary’s platform is entirely web-based and mobile-friendly for both guests and staff. Canary does not require any new app downloads or hardware.

Fully PCI Compliant icon

Fully PCI Compliant

All Canary solutions are built on top of our PCI level 1 compliant infrastructure to ensure all solutions are secure and guest data is protected.

24/7 Support icon

24/7 Support

Our team is determined to provide you with the same level of dedicated service that you deliver to your guests. Canary offers 24-hour support as well as a comprehensive self-help center to ensure you always have the answers and assistance you need. Canary’s support team can be reached by phone, email and chat.

Canary makes sending contracts and authorization forms as easy as ever — and clients love it. The platform is self explanatory and leaves no room for error.

Angela Vickers// Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa in Monterey

Deep Integration With Your PMS & Other Technology Systems

Canary CustomersCanary Customers

Canary has native integrations with all major property management systems and most other hotel technology systems. Additionally, our in-house development team launches 5-10 new integrations per quarter to ensure seamless compatibility with your other tools.

Advanced customizations are available for enterprise customers.


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