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Redefining the Hotel Tech Stack with Innovative Hospitality Software

Canary Technologies is recognized as the hospitality industry’s leading technology solutions provider for hotels, resorts and other lodging properties.

Best Guest ExperienceHotelier's Choice AwardBest Hotel Digital Tipping AwardBest contactless checking solution award 2023

Redefining the Hotel Tech Stack

Best Guest Messaging AwardBest Hotel Cyber Security and Fraud PreventionBest cyber security fraud prevention award 2023Most Innovative Companies 2023 award

Canary Is Trusted For Their Hotel Software By More Than 20,000 Hoteliers Worldwide

From the world’s largest hotel brands to boutique independent properties, Canary is loved by hoteliers across the globe.

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Increase in 5-Star Reviews


Boost in upsell revenue


Reduction in front-desk work


Reduction in Fraud & Chargebacks


More in Staff Take-Home Pay

Hotel Software That Makes It Easier To Manage Your Hotel

All Your Guest Experience Software Solutions Under One Roof

Canary’s hotel software is designed to be used by your staff and guests throughout the entire guest journey to streamline processes, increase revenue, and boost the guest experience. 

Contactless Check-In

Contactless Check-in

Contactless Check-In enables guests to check-in conveniently from their mobile device with no new app downloads required. Before they ever set foot on the property, your guests receive a mobile-friendly link via text and email to register for their room. This flow is fully customizable, and can even allow hotels to upsell rooms and services or run advanced fraud detection checks. Utilize Canary’s hotel technology to improve the guest experience and save your staff time - a win-win!

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Contactless Checkout

Contactless Checkout provides big benefits to both hotel guests and staff members. Similarly to Contactless Check-In, guests can quickly and easily checkout from the convenience of their mobile device with no need to swing by the front desk. Hoteliers can include a customized guest feedback survey in this flow that will prompt anyone who leaves 5-stars to share their experience on TripAdvisor and Google. Canary’s software can boost 5-star reviews by up to 350%!

Contactless Checkout
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Dynamic Upsells

Dynamic upsells

Every hotelier wants to generate more revenue and Canary’s hotel technology makes it simple. Our Dynamic Upsells tools can be deployed throughout the guest journey to sell room upgrades, spa packages, dinner reservations, parking passes, early check-in/late checkout and more!

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Guest Messaging

Today, many hotel guests prefer communicating via text messages versus phone calls or going to the front desk. Canary’s hotel software makes it extremely easy for hoteliers to provide this option using the property’s existing landline phone number. Guest Messaging also enables your front desk team to prioritize guest inquiries and save time through automated, broadcast and direct messages sent through a comprehensive dashboard. Guest Messaging is an integrated hotel technology solution that works with both SMS, WhatsApp, and dozens of other existing applications.

Guest Messaging
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Digital Tipping

Digital Tipping

Good help is always hard to find, but it’s currently harder than ever in the hotel industry. However, retaining staff can be improved by increasing wages - and increasing tips can be a large part of the solution.. That’s why Canary designed its Digital Tipping solution to help hotel owners and operators boost employee pay by up to $3/hour and combat the staffing shortage!

•  Nearly 80% of hotel workers would be more likely to stay with their employer if tips were increased
• More than 70% of guests would have tipped more if Digital Tipping were an option

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Digital Authorizations

Say goodbye to chargebacks and fraud, and so long to binders full of paper! Canary’s Digital Authorizations software is PCI level-1 compliant and replaces insecure paper and PDF credit card authorizations forms — which are frequently targeted by bad actors — with a secure and easy-to-use alternative. Canary’s proprietary fraud technology is built into all of our software solutions - including Digital Authorizations.

And Canary makes it simple to track credit card authorizations over time with a web dashboard that shows details for each authorization. Hotels that use Canary’s Digital Authorizations software typically experience up to a 90% drop in chargebacks and fraud.

Digital Authorizations

Digital Contracts

Get contracts signed quicker than ever with Canary’s Digital Contracts software. Our hotel software lets you create and save custom contract templates, and securely send them to clients via a mobile-friendly link.

Uplifting Your Existing Hotel Tech Stack with Seamless Integration of
Canary's Hospitality Software

Canary CustomersCanary Customers

Canary maintains a global team dedicated to supporting new and existing integrations with other hotel software systems. Our in-house team builds and maintains these custom integration tools ourselves to ensure their reliability and launches 5-10 new integrations per quarter to ensure you always have access to the tools you need.

Advanced customizations are available for enterprise customers.


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